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The Minnesota Heartland Railway has invested in several of these smartly painted Airslide hoppers to protect the shipments of the Powdermilk Biscuit Company, one of  the Railroad's largest on-line industries.  From plants in Lake Woebegon and Marilyn Junction, bulk shipments of the famous Powdermilk Biscuit mix, a favorite around the country, are handled expeditiously and with care by the Minnesota Heartland Railway.  Model by Ken Zieska

The MHRR rosters many 40' x 10' height boxcars, even though they were built in the 50's when 10'-6" cars were most common.  These were just right for the Heartland's traffic in grain and paper products.  The American Models 40' boxcar is a perfect match for this car.  Most cars of this series are boxcar red, with a few re-painted vermillion red, see the 50' car below.  Note that the opposite side of this car carries the MHRR slogan, "THE Prairie Products LINE".  Model by Ken Zieska

The 50' boxcars came on-line as the trend towards "billboard" paint schemes was beginning.  Early cars in this series are boxcar red.  Later cars (and repaints) are vermillion red.
Model by Ken Zieska using Pacific Rail 50' boxcar, an exact match for the prototype. 
Sorry, my scanner is not as good as Ken's is for scanning 3D images.  You'll have to ask Ken what scanner he uses.  This model of an MHRR plug door ice reefer was made using an AM reefer with ice hatches added.  Model by Ted Larson