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MHRR - Corgi-Lledo Trucks

Minnesota Heartland Railroad

S Scale Vehicles
Corgi-Lledo Trucks
Rev. Jan. 18, 2002

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Mint Editions 1965 Ford Pickup
Corgi 4x4
Corgi GMC Tanker
Hartoy 1948 Ford
Corgi 1938 Ford

These photos show three Corgi trucks along with reference vehicles that are commonly accepted as being 1/64th scale from Hartoy and Racing Champs Mint Editions.  The GMC should be about the same size as the Hartoy Ford; it is a bit small.  The 1938 Ford should probably be the same as or a bit smaller than the 1948 Ford; it is a bit larger.  The 4x4 should be between the Hartoy Ford and the Ford pickup; it appears to be a bit oversize.  All can be usable, depending on how exact your taste, and how you place them relative to other vehicles.