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Manassas, VA Railfan Information Page
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Railroads:  AMTK,NS(Sou),VRE

AMTK 2/day (See below)
NS 10/day
VRE 18/day (See below)

Radio Frequencies:
Road 160.950(56)
Disp. 160.245(09)
Disp. 160.830(48)

Personal Safety:  Good

Local Police/RR Police:  Manassas PD, RR

Food: Plenty

Other Information

Amtrak Schedule
#50/#51 Cardinal: NB(W,F,Su)6:51pm/SB(Su,W,F)11:49am (schedule effective 27OCT2002)
Schedule link

VRE schedule (weekday service only, schedule effective as of 28OCT2002):
NB: 5:15am,S5:52am,6:27am,S6:57am,7:27am,S7:57am,10:21am,S3:16pm,5:16pm, Schedule link
SB: 7:23am,9:24am,S2:30pm,S4:46pm,5:25pm,S6:02pm,6:32pm,S7:04pm,7:48pm Schedule link
**S is Snow or inclement weather schedule.

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