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Evansville, WI Railfan Information Page  
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Frequency:  Sporadic, as needed.

Radio Frequencies:
Road: 160.890(94)

Personal Safety:  Good

Local Police/RR Police:
Rock Co. S.D., Evansville P.D., RR n/a

Food:  In town

Other Information

This used to be CNW's secondary main from Chicago to the Twin Cities. The CNW began to route all through traffic to the "Adams Cutoff" that runs from Chicago to Milwaukee and onto the Twin Cities.  After the UP took over CNW, this line officially became a branch to Evansville.

UP has embargoed the line north of Evansville to Oregon (just south of Madison) and unused.  The line from Madison to Reedsburg is in-use and leased to the WSOR.  North of Reedsburg to Wyeville the line was torn out in the 1980s which was a portion of CNW's "400" route.  The line running south of Evansville to Afton was torn out in the late 1970s.

A new grain elevator was built off of Weary road south of US 14 east of town in the late 1990s.  The elevator has a loop track and is served by the UP along with a few businesses in town.


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