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Janesville (South), WI Railfan Information Page
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Janesville (South), WI Railfan Information Page  
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Frequency: Any time
UP locals throughout day, WSOR 2-4/day

Radio Frequencies:
Ch1 Rd: 160.575(91)
Ch2 MofW: 161.145(92)
Gen. Ops: 160.215(93)
Ch1 Rd: 160.890(94)
Ch2 Jvl Yard: 160.455(95)
Ch3 Jvl Yard: 161.040(96)
Yard: 161.220(97)

Personal Safety:  Good

Local Police/RR Police:  Janesville PD, RR n/a

Center Av. (US 51)

Other Information

Good photo times:  All day.

The UP is the busiest in this section of town.  The yard stretches from Beloit Av (CTH G) to Read Rd (a mile or so).  Two trains each way travel the line from Chicago to the yard, most of it for the GM plant.  Locals will also travel southeast from the yard to Clinton and onto Beloit to switch industries.  The UP has a small yard on the west side of GM to handle the switching there.  Since GM is nestled in a small valley, a switchback is used to access the yard.  The trains will stop around the Center Av (US 51) overpass and back down across Jackson St and then curve around the south and west sides of the plant for access.  The line then merges with the WSOR at Delevan Drive.  This crossing at the NW corner of GM  is a good place to catch the UP switching with its MP-15 engines as it uses this portion of the WSOR J-Line as a switch lead.

The switchback that crosses Jackson St ends where the diamond used to be with the WSOR  (MILW) J-Line.  The line north of there across the river into the south side of downtown and to the east to Monterey Mills has been long gone.  The old bridge across the river is now part of the city's large bike trail system.

The WSOR runs one train each way to Chicago a day on the J-Line.  The train to Chicago leaves later at night approx. 10 PM and the Chicago-Janesville train arrives in Janesville approx. 6 AM.  A local will run as needed to switch industries in Elkhorn and Walworth.

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