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Milwaukee Baltic (4-6-4) #138 departs St. Paul Union Depot on its way to Minneapolis in this scene from the thirties.

One of the fleet F7's has the Afternoon Hiawatha at Portage Wisconsin in the fourties.

Class F7 #101 has a second section of the Afternoon Hiawatha flying through Deerfield Illinois at 90 mph.

DL-109 #14 laying down a smoke trail as it highballs through Deerfield Illinois.

Class A #3 tears Oconomowoc apart in the summer of  1937.

Another view of #3 highballing west near Red Wing Minnesota.

Another eastbound Hiawatha waits for liftoff in Minneapolis Minnesota.

In this view,an E7 leads the Pioneer Limited down the Milwaukee's immaculate Chicago-Milwaukee mainline.