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Hiawatha painted SD40-2 #130 leads an eastbound into Portage WI for a crew change in 1986.Locomotives in unblemished paint were getting hard to find by this time,as the SOO was rapidly painting over anything that said Milwaukee Road,spawning the "Bandit" scheme.
Photo by Todd Jones

An eastbound freight led by SD40-2 #164 meets a westbound on the double track at Lewiston WI.
Photo by Todd Jones

#167 is highballing at 60 MPH on the point of a Sprint train south of Winona MN in this shot from 1985.
Photo by Todd Jones

Why a picture of a BN train on a Milwaukee Road site you ask?This is a westbound empty Columbia coal train starting it's journey back to the Powder River basin.The road crew has brought the train up from the plant a short ways down the M&P sub south of Portage and are grabbing their orders from the operator as they head for La Crosse.
Photo by Todd Jones

A Milwaukee Road freight thunders west near Elgin IL on the old D&I Division.
Photo by J.Edwin Davis

A westbound rolls through Wabasha MN in the early 80's.
Photo by Tim Diez

A pair of Fairbanks-Morse H16-44's are on the point of the Ford Hauler in St. Paul Minnesota in this undated photo.Within 100 yards they will be starting up Short Line Hill,which lifts the mainline up to Minneapolis. At Fordson Jct,part way up the hill,they will branch off on a spur to the Ford plant.
Photographer unknown.

Mikado #8634 leans in to the superelevation on a westbound at Minnieska Minnesota in the 1930's.
Photo by Otto Perry

SDL39 is on the point of a train heading out of Austin Minnesota on its way to Wells on June 6th,1983.
Photo by John Gieske

One of Amtrak's F40PH's has failed,so GP40 #2016 has been substituted.Here it leads the Empire Builder eastbound past Tower CK in Winona Minnesota on June 24,1986.To this day the ex-MILW GP40's are one of only three models owned by Canadian Pacific allowed to lead Amtrak at 70 MPH.
Photo by John Gieske

A familiar sight in southern Minnesota in the early 80's was a train powered by SDL39's.Here #583 and #584 team up with GP20 #955 on an Austin to Mason City train on June 13,1985.
Photo by John Gieske

Three GP40's lead a Superior bound train north on the BN's "Skally" line in 1985.
Photo by Jerry Sharp ©

A special shot for me is this one of G6 #1012 doing some switching in my hometown of Richland Center Wisconsin in 1954. Visible above the tender is the roof of the freight house,now gone.The depot still stands sans the overhang (portico?) shown here. It is slated to be restored as a tourist center for the bike trail that now follows the roadbed of this branch which veered off the Milwaukee's first mainline to the Mississippi at Lone Rock.
Collection of Todd Jones

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