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Sign and Lettering Diagrams Sign and Letter Diagrams
Provided by José Cabanillas

 Index Page/Letter diagram

 Number and letter diagrams

 Standard Gold Leaf letters for station signs/ Sign board detail

 Location of roadway signs in reference to track

 Station signboard detail/Station one mile sign

 Junction one mile/ RR crossing one mile signs

 Drawbridge one mile/ Water tank one mile signs

 End Double Track One Mile/ Stop Junction 400 feet signs

 Stopp RR Crossing 400 feet/ Stop Drawbridge 400 feet signs

 Yard Limit/ Speed Limit signs (includes post detail for speed sign)

 Temporary restrictive signals (Flags)

 Whistle Posts

 Flanger and derail signs

 Train Spotter sign/ Milepost

 Clearance sign/ Class A Station Sign

 Spur Track sign/ River Name sign

 State Line sign/ Private Property sign

 Keep off the grass sign/ Water unfit to drink sign

 Bridge and Culvert numberplate / Standard Highway Crossing sign

 Station One Mile/ Water One Mile sign (Different than above)

 Highway Crossing Sign (State of Indiana)

 Highway Crossing signs for Michigan and Missouri

 Highway Crossing Signs for Missouri

 State Line and No clearance signs

 More No Clearance signs

 No Clearance and Highway Crossing signs for Illinois

 Highway Crossing signs for Minnesota and Indiana

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