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July 4, 2000-Added "Brouchures" section. First up is the complete 1947 Olympian Hiawatha brouchure provided by Jose Cabanillas.

June 18,2000- Added my CTC Board article "What Really Happened". Locomotive diagrams section started.

April 28,2000- Finally made some changes to the site! New intro page added, along with new homepage. The start of the Substations page is now up.

August 18,1999- Added the start of the Modeling section with an article from Keith Fink on how to built a model of the Bicentennial SD40-2 #156 from a Kato HO scale kit.

August 10,1999 Added the following pictures: Two in the Midwest Gallery,six in the Lines West, and five to the SD40-2 roster pics. Photos courtesy Michael Sol, Fred Hyde, and Jerry Sharp, plus one from my own collection. Work is progressing on a Substations page that will go into detail on the workings of the electrical supply system. Any photos of substations and their interiors will be greatly appreciated.

July 23,1999-Added photos to the Structures and Western Images galleries.Photos courtesy Michael Keyes and Michael Sol.

July 6,1999-Due to a system crash at Trainweb,the entire site was deleted from the server.I am slowly getting everything reloaded.Unfortunately,some of the images had been deleted from my own hard drive in a mishap months ago,so until I can either rescan or locate the images again,they will not be available on the site.I hope to have everything back up soon.Thanks for your patience.

June 22,1999-Three images added to the Midwest gallery courtesy John Gieske.

June 15,1999-Two new pages added. "Structures" and "Coming soon".Two more photos added to the Midwest gallery.

June 11,1999-Six new pictures added to Midwest gallery.Seven new images in the Milwaukee Today gallery.

June 8,1999-Ten new pictures added to the Lines West gallery.

June 1,1999-Milwaukee Road Modelers mail list started.Photo of FP45 #3 added in roster shots.All 5 FP45's are now on site.

May 31,1999- New front page added.Pages added for About MRO,Whats New?,and a Contributors page.Also,a chat room has been added.

May 9,1999- New photos added to the Milwaukee Today gallery