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Missouri Trains

About this Site

I started this site in August 2005 after searching for millions of shots of KCS engines. I never found many photos except for the same ones over and over.


So, instead of seeing the same photos everytime, I became a train chaser myself taking pictures of action and still shots of trains.Before then I had been looking for scenic type shots. Realizing that alot of these diesels are still out there roaming the rails, I began to shoot. And shoot.


Since I live in Missouri it made sense to limit the site to Missouri Trains (with a few exceptions). Everybody wants to have a Marias Pass or Texas subdivision site, but ignores what's in they're own backyard.


So if your looking for BNSF of SD70MAC's or UP AC4400CW's they are not here. All the photos are Kansas City Southern Related which is just as important as the other railroad photos you find on the net.


About Copyright

All the photos are mine, all mine. Copyrighted and protected. They are free but only for personal use to use in binders or folders so if ya want to print some go right on ahead. Just don't use them for your desktop patterns, screen savers or icons. Just because they are on the internet is for personal use and not private use like putting them on ebay, etc.


You want to use one, go ahead so long as they are not used for private purposes like I mentioned earlier.


About Me

I have been a train fanatic since I was a kid watching "Thomas the tank engine and friends" alot. I live in a small town that has several railroad crossings in Goodman,MO now and lived here for my first 17 years since I was a kid. When I get the chance I ride up to the tracks and listen to my scanner with my camera in front of me waiting for a train.


Equipment Used

Some of the photos on this site were taken with a HP 430 Photosmart digital camera. Recently I upgraded to a Kodak Easyshare DX6490 which is a better improvement on taking great decent action shots of moving trains and is well worth having.


I never really use my HP Photosmart 430 anymore since I fell in goodness with the kodak camera. The kodak camera takes alot of the still and action shots so that's why the action shots tend to be better than the ones I have from my HP Photosmart 430.


As of March 2005, I have used the kodak camera for all digital and have left days of film a thing of the past. The HP is now used by my stepmom and the Kodak now sits on the dock for charging.