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M.L.S. Open House Days - Public Rides

Public Running Days

Mid-May to October, 2008
1396 Chemin du Fleuve, Les Cèdres, Quebec, Canada

The general public is invited to attend the Montreal Live Steamers'
regularly scheduled public running days, subject to train availability and weather permitting.

September 7 & 21,
October 5 & 19

Our track is located just 30 minutes from the attractions of downtown Montréal and the
Canadian Railway Museum located in St. Constant is only 45 minutes away.

Click here for Maps & Directions

We can host special runs for groups such as day-cares, Scouts and other club outings for both kids and adults. Prior arrangements must be made no less than 30 days prior to such an event. Picnic tables are available on the site and limited food services can be arranged with 60 days advance notice.

M.L.S. Special Events Committee:

Telephone: Roy Motton (514) 483-6110

or write to:

The Montreal Live Steamers Corp.,
Att: Special Events Committee,
P.O. Box 332, SUCC. Snowdon, QC, Canada H3X 3T6

or reach Roy Motton by e-mail at:

Public running days begin at 10:00 AM with the first trains running by
11:00 AM with the last trains scheduled at 3:00 PM.
M.L.S. members own and operate their own equipment and are under no obligation
to give rides. All times shown are approximate.

There is no charge for admission, parking or rides at M.L.S. We do however accept donations which help defer the costs of track maintenance and associated expenses related to opening our gate to the public. We are a non-profit corporation.


For the comfort and safety of all, we ask that you observe the following:

  • As with full size railroads, our trains cannot stop on a dime. They weigh between 200
    to 2000 lbs., therefore, moving trains always have the right-of-way.
  • Do not stand or walk on the tracks, step over the rails.
  • The bridges are for trains not pedestrians. Please keep off.
  • Do not attempt to operate any equipment, track switches, etc. unless instructed by a member to do so.
  • Do not enter the turntable pit area at any time.
  • Steam engines are HOT by nature and blow off excess steam suddenly and without warning. Stand clear !
  • Pets must be kept on a leash. Owners are expected to clean up after his/her pet.
    We have lots of children visiting our club.
  • Do not allow children to be unattended at any time.


  • Board trains only at the station. Do not enter the platform area until advised to do so.
  • Wait for the train to come to a complete stop before getting on or off.
  • While the train is in motion; DO NOT stand, lean, turn around or shift your weight when riding a train. You could fall or derail and topple the car. SIT STILL and STAY SEATED toward the centre of the car.
  • If you drag them on the ground or reach for anything, you could get seriously injured.
  • NO VIDEOTAPING from within a riding car.
  • DO NOT eat, drink or smoke on the trains.
  • DO NOT enter the locomotive service area unless accompanied by a member.
  • DO NOT enter maintenance and storage buildings or areas.
  • DO NOT place stones or any other object on the rails.
  • Other hazards exist. Be careful at all times.

The engineer or conductor has the right to remove
anyone from the train at anytime, anyplace
at his or her discretion.