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Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad

Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad

The following information was taken from the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and History Society web site PRR Chronology by Chris Baer.   With added items from Michigan Railroad Commissioner Reports .

Nov. 25, 1901

Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad incorporated in Michigan to build from Travers City to Northport. (Church)

Oct. 2, 1902

Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad obtains trackage rights from Manistee & Northeastern Railroad between Traverse City and Hatch's Siding. (Church)

Apr. 4, 1902

Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad [GR&I] agree to operate Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad. (Church)

Mar. 8, 1902

Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad organized. (Church)

June 28, 1903

Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad opens between Northport and Hatch's Crossing, Mich., with trackage rights over Manistee & Northeastern between Hatch's Crossing and Traverse City; controlled and operated by GR&I without agreement; soon after establish car ferry across Lake Michigan between Northport and Manistique; unsuccessful and withdrawn later in year. (Church - opens for revenue passenger service 7/1 with through car from Northland Limited - tt)


Northport-Manistique, Mich., car ferry revived.

Apr. 17, 1907

Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad sold at foreclosure to Union Trust Company of Detroit. ( , RRG)

Sep. 19, 1908

Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railway incorporated as reorganization of TCL&M Railroad. (9/14, filed 9/19)


Northport-Manistique, Mich., car ferry discontinued.

Mar. 1, 1914

Grand Rapids & Indiana terminates operation of (and disposes of interest in?) Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique Railroad, Traverse City to Northport. (Check church!)

May 23, 1919

Leelanau Transit Company incorporated to reorganize Traverse City, Leelanau & Manistique (RRMich)

June 19, 1919

Marcus Hoyt, et al., made application to the Commission for authority in incorporate the Leelanau Transit Company and to issue stock to the amount of $100,000 and to apply the proceeds of same to the construction of the proposed line of railroad as follows: from Hatch's Crossing in Leelanau County to Northport in Leelanau County, with two-fifths of a mile in Traverse City in Grand Traverse County, through Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties, having a total length of 24.04 miles.

June 1919 Manistee & North-Eastern operating line under contract for one year - Micchigan Railroad Commissioner Report 1919

Henry F. Burger 1/26/2009, updated 9/30/2016