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MOKSRail is the Missouri-Kansas Rail Passenger Coalition, a non-profit organization established in 1979 to improve passenger train service and travel conditions for passengers.

MOKSRail depends upon membership dues to continue its work. We may send "Action Alerts" to members asking them to contact their legislators on passenger rail funding. We always welcome participation by newcomers to help lighten the workload. Our dues are just $15.00 per year.

Annual membership dues directly support the causes MOKSRail members articulate. We have no salary expenses as our officers and directors receive no compensation; MOKSRail is truly a non-profit, grassroots association. Members also:

To Join us, print this coupon and mail it with your membership fee to Box 1183, Mission, Kansas 66222-0183.  

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Email Address: ____________________________________

qEnclosed is a check or money order payable to MOKSRail.
qPlease accept this extra gift to support our work.

MISSOURI-KANSAS Rail Passenger Coalition - MOKSRail
Box 1183
Mission, Kansas 66222-0183

Dues and Membership info to treasurer John Wegner

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