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The Southwest Chief Picture Page

Views of ancient America and the Midwest from the Southwest Chief.

The Southwest Chief picture page.

Trackside only photos of this great train in northern New Mexico taken over two, two-day trips.

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Illinois & Missouri

More pictures to be added later.

  At Amtrak's
Chicago Union Station,
 passenger trains are
 parked next to the Illinois
Preparing to cross the
Mighty Mississippi River
at Fort Madison, Iowa.
Near Carrollton, Mo.   LaPlata, Mo.   Crossing the Missouri
 River at Sibley, Mo.

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Kansas City, Mo., area

The Southwest Chief calls on the beautifully restored Kansas City Union Station, one of the largest U.S. railroad terminals. In December 2002, Amtrak returned to the picturesque station. A new walkway was built for passengers to walk from the famous landmark to the lower level tracks. The pictures below show some of the station's layout



The Eastbound
 Southwest Chief
calls on the new
Amtrak station
in Kansas City




The Southwest Chief normally traverses the Wheat State at night. For novice rail travelers, railroads' scheduling philosophy has been "mountains and oceans during the day, deserts and prairies at night."
The overnight scheduling through Kansas provides for morning arrivals in California, allowing for favorable connections to other Amtrak trains.
Sometimes, when freight derailments or inclement weather delays travel, passengers get to view an area passenger trains aren't normally seen in broad daylight.



Along the
Kaw River,

 Lawrence &

Topeka           Newton      

Crossing the Arkansas (pronounced in Kansas as "ARE-KAN- SASS") River west of Hutchinson
Westbound, dawn normally greets travelers after Dodge City, Kan., depending on the season.

Arkansas River       En route to
  Dodge City


At Dodge City                      
 snow nor ice...
  Dodge City,
Jan. 1979
Garden City                      

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All pictures taken by Doug Ohlemeier except those linking to other sites.


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