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Southern Colorado & Northern New Mexico

Trackside only photos of this great train in northern New Mexico taken over two, two-day trips.

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This is undoubtedly the most scenic area the Southwest Chief traverses. Trains roll through this area in daylight, especially westbound. By Raton, darkness often falls for the eastbound runs.


Arkansas River
 winds along
the tracks...
  Lake near Lamar, Colo.       First view of
the Rocky Mountains







More southern Colorado shots


photo: Dan Meyer       photo: Dan Meyer                                
Crossing into New Mexico   at Raton Peak     &through  Raton Tunnel              





            photo: Dan Meyer  







entering the tunnel   (from the east)                







  Raton, NM, station          
Photo, Dan Meyer   Raton station.                  











Wagon Mound landmark

      Wagon Mound          





  photo: Dan Meyer  
    Photo Jerry Sharp      Photo Jerry Sharp   Photo Joe Oates   Near Levy, NM  



Valmor, N.M.                  


In Shoemaker Canyon at Valmora, N.M.   photo: Dan Meyer   photo: Dan Meyer          



Leaving Shoemaker Canyon at Watrous, N.M.           photo: Dan Meyer          


Las Vegas, NM   Historic hotel                  
Semaphore farm near Chapelle, N.M., just north or east of the S-curves.



photo: Dan Meyer   photo: Dan Meyer  

Scenic S-Curves  

Here, the train makes several zig-zags, snaking back and forth.

  It is possible, upon completion of one of the Horseshoe Curves, to look and see the other side of the train.    This area is near the Imus Ranch, off of Interstate 25 and Bernal, N.M.          




Rowe, NM

  Ribera, NM              
Glorieta Pass area                      








Entering Apache Canyon   Leaving Apache Canyon                  






          Lamy, NM   (station for Santa Fe)      
Los Cerrillos   Devil's Footstep rock formation                  




All pictures taken by Doug Ohlemeier except those linking to other sites.


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