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Views of ancient America from the Southwest Chief.

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Western New Mexico/ Eastern Arizona


These scenes show the scenic train running through Indian lands, lava rocks, deserts, forests and canyons en route to California. The train leaves Albuquerque westbound early evening, arriving in the Golden State early the following morning. Sunset falls on western New Mexico. On the eastward trip, the train leaves Los Angeles at dusk, arriving to the arising sun near Flagstaff, Ariz. Daylight will be found from Flagstaff to Raton, N.M.


Rio Grande                      
      McCartys, NM          

The Southwest Chief rolls through ancient lava fields east of Grants.


                CrewTen Web site      
             Photo to left
Dan Meyer

Gallup, NM, station

        Near Arizona border              
        Little Colorado River              
      Arizona mountain peaks              
Flagstaff, Ariz.                      
    More Cajon Pass photos        
 Cajun Pass.
  The Southwest Chief travels through Western Arizona and Eastern California through the night, passing through the thermal desert temperatures at night. Here are a few daylight shots.        
    Amtrak operations in Los Angeles              

Through the desert and into Southern California

At Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal

This is where the train ends or begins its cross-country run. The picturesque station is host to many Amtrak long-distance and regional trains.

Redondo Beach Jct., photos (from


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All pictures taken by Doug Ohlemeier except those linking to other sites.

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