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A Scenic Journey Through Ancient America on Amtrak's Southwest Chief

Ride the rails of history on The Southwest Chief.

Each year, more than a quarter of a million people ride this famed train. Read other travelers' experiences on the Southwest Chief.

Trainweb's Southwest Chief travelogues

How a fear of flying made for a great cross-country train trip.           
Prodigy train trips submitted by Amtrak travelers      
       Wizzle's trips on the Southwest Chief. Geno Dailey's travelogues.   
Interesting trip report from Chicago to Los Angeles, via the famed Southwest Chief. Includes unique photos.
Good description of cross-country trip. In two parts.

http://photosection/ColoradoNewMexicoA.html Honeymooning aboard the train      Many travelogues.      
Various travelogues.      
Tom Premo's travelogues:           
General train travel information:      
Looking Out: Scenery from the Train sites:      
Enjoying the ambiance and romance of the rails (Wall Street Journal)      
Missouri area reports:      
Amtrak: A fun way to get there!:      
Trips from Kansas:      
Newton to Fullerton, Calif. Includes lots of online city links.      
Ride the train while you can (Salina, Kan. Journal editorial)      
An Oklahoman's Amtrak trip:      
Colorado reports:      
LaJunta to Raton Pass: great photos from Geno Dailey      
Northern New Mexico reports:      
From Albuquerque and West (via Amarillo)      
Western New Mexico:      
California area trips:      
California area pictures:      
Dinner on the Southwest Chief:      
Pictures of Southwest Chief:      
Crewton Southwest Chief crew picture page
       Pro-long distance train travel travelogue.   
Great Southwest Chief photos.
Southwest Chief fan page      
This site, run by Southwest Chief crew members, has information on this famous Amtrak train      
USA Southwest Chief site      
Historic Super Chief information:      
Super Chief slide show - historic pictures      
Super Chief advertisements      
El Capitan color advertisements      
Other Santa Fe historic & picturesque advertisements      
Who killed the Super Chief?      
History of the Santa Fe Railroad      
Great streamliner passenger trains information      
More photos of Southwest Chief      
1958 El Capitan (companion train) timetable      
Historical information on Kansas City Union Station      


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