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This section contains pictures of various private cars that visited Southern Quebec.

PICTURES: Click on a thumbnail below to see the full-size picture. These are highly compressed .JPG pictures. Full-size originals up to 2272 x 1704 pixels are available if you contact me directly by e-mail.


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Caritas is on the tail of the westbound Ocean on June 6th, 2002, at St-Lambert, QC.

Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is bound for Halifax, NS, on the tail end of the Ocean. St-Lambert, QC, June 9th, 2002.

Cimarron River and Caritas

Cimarron River and Caritas are on the tail end of New York - Montréal's Amtrak Adirondack. St-Hubert, QC, August 7th, 2002.


Poor lighting conditions do not do justice to this beautiful car on the tail end of VIA Rail's train number 20, en route to Quebec City. St-Lambert, QC, June 7th, 2002.

Pine Tree State

On the tail end of VIA Rail's train number 20 is Pine Tree State, en route to Quebec City at St-Lambert, QC. August 7th, 2002.

Puget Sound

Dome car Puget Sound is on the tail of VIA Rail's train 56 (Toronto, ON - Montréal, QC) at Dorval, QC. August 4th, 2002.


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