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VIA Rail Canada is an independent crown corporation set up in 1978. VIA operates trains in all regions of Canada over a network spanning the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Great Lakes to Hudson Bay.

MAP: Click here for a map of VIA Rail's network

PICTURES: Click on a thumbnail below to see the full-size picture. These are highly compressed .JPG pictures. Full-size originals up to 2272 x 1704 pixels are available if you contact me directly by e-mail.


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First steps in Railfan Photography

On May 15th 1981, using a cheap camera and at the age on 11, I made my first Railfan Photography of train number 19 (Mont-Joli, QC to Montréal, QC) arriving at Rimouski in the morning.

Unfortunately, I didn't note the engine number, but it is an FPA4.

First steps in Railfan Photography

Train number 19 is leaving Lévis, just opposite of Quebec City, on May 15th, 1981.

First steps in Railfan Photography

VIA's FP9A 6534 is leading eastbound train 18 (Montréal, QC - Mont-Joli, QC) at Lévis, QC. May 15th, 1981.

First steps in Railfan Photography

Later in 1981, I made a picture of VIA's Montréal - Quebec City train 24, lead by an unidentified FPA4, entering Drummondville Station. I wish these pictures were of more quality!

RDC-1 6148

After having spent a few weeks at Moncton's NB IRSI Shops for a complete overhaul, VIA's RDC-1 number 6148 is heading back to duty on Vancouver Island for it's Victoria - Courtenay assignment.

It is seen here on the tail end of the westbound Ocean at St-Lambert, QC, on April 13th, 2002.

CBC's 50th anniversary

In order to celebrate Canada Broadcasting Corporation's 50th anniversary, a special train ran across canada, lead by VIA 6403 in this special livery.

The train was on static display in the Old Port of Montreal on September 27th, 2002.

The Ocean

The westbound Ocean is seen here about to enter Victoria Bridge, on the last leg of it's Halifax, NS to Montréal, QC run on a cold February morning.

St-Lambert, QC, February 9th, 2002.

VIA's 6431

VIA's F40PH-2 number 6431 is stopped at St-Lambert, QC, with train 23 on February 9th, 2002.

VIA's test scheme

In the mid 80's, VIA Rail tried this paint scheme on it's LRC-3 number 6922. It never made it to the railroad, and is seen here retired at VIA's Montreal Maintenance Center on February 23rd, 2002.

High Power/Weight ratio

VIA's P42DC 913 is leading this unusual consist at St-Lambert, QC, on April 27th, 2002. With VIA's P42DC number 912 on the tail end, there are 8400HP for a two car consist!

VIA 912

VIA's P42DC number 912 is leading train number 23, stopped at St-Lambert, QC, on April 5th, 2002.

Evangeline Park

VIA's Sleeper Buffet-Lounge Dome Observation car number 8704, the Evangeline Park, is on the tail end of the Ocean at St-Lambert, QC on May 8th, 2002.

Green 6429

Wearing a still fresh green and black livery, VIA's P42DC number 6429 is ready to have decals applied to make the promotion of Telus, a Canadian Telco. St-Lambert, QC, May 23rd, 2002.

The Ocean and Chaleur

With 3 engines and 28 cars, this is one of the longest consist seen on the Ocean and the Chaleur, seen here at St-Hubert, QC on August 2nd, 2002.

Renaissance Sleeper 7504

Renaissance Sleeper 7504 is on display at the Old Port of Montreal on September 27th, 2002.

Revelstoke Park

Revelstoke Park, VIA's Sleeper Buffet-Lounge Dome Observation car number 8711, is on the tail end of the Ocean at St-Lambert, QC on April 26h, 2002.

Skyline 8509

VIA's Skyline Stainless Steel dome number 8509 is part of the Ocean consist, making it's stop at St-Lambert Station on March 17th, 2002.

VIA 911

VIA's P42DC number 911 is leading Montreal - Quebec City train number 26, which is about to leave St-Lambert Station on April 27th, 2002.

VIA 908

On a cold December evening, the engineer of VIA 908 is looking at the boarding passengers of train 26, bound for Quebec City. St-Lambert, QC, December 8th, 2002.

First week of operation

VIA's Renaissance car are on their first week of operation between Montreal and Quebec City. Train number 27, St-Lambert, QC, November 28th, 2002.

VIA 601/603

A chartered Park Car is on the tail end of VIA's combined trains number 601 and 603, bound respectively for Senneterre, QC and Jonquière, QC. The train is leaving Pointe-aux-Trembles, on the east end of Montreal Island, on December 30th, 2002.

VIA 907

VIA's P42DC number 907 is leading train 25 at St-Lambert, QC, on May 4th, 2002.

VIA 26 on St-Hilaire bridge

VIA 26 is crossing the Richelieu River at St-Hilaire (MP 55.3, St-Hyacinthe Sub) en route to Quebec City, on April 7th, 2002.

VIA 915

VIA train number 25, lead by P42DC 915, is making up speed at St-Nicolas, QC (MP 12.6 - Drummondville Sub) on July 26th, 2002.

VIA Special at Rimouski

It's been 14 years since Rimouski had seen a daylight passenger train when VIA Special number 612 crossed the Rimouski River Bridge (MP 124.2, Mont-Joli Sub) on March 1st, 2003.

The westbound Ocean - Rimouski

VIA train number 15 is making it's scheduled stop at Rimouski, QC on it's Halifax, NS to Montreal, QC run, at half past midnight on June 22nd, 2002.

The eastbound Ocean and Chaleur - Rimouski

VIA's combined train 14 and 16 (The Ocean and The Chaleur) is making it's first of 2 scheduled stops at Rimouski, QC. At Matapedia, the train will split and one section will head for Halifax, NS while the other will be bound for Gaspé, QC. Night of June 22nd, 2002.

The eastbound Ocean and Chaleur - Rimouski

VIA's combined train 14 and 16 making it's second stop at Rimouski, QC to entrain sleeping car passengers. Night of June 22nd, 2002.

VIA 604

VIA 604 (Senneterre, QC to Montreal, QC) is crossing the "Pont de la rivière du Milieu" (middle river bridge in english). This is the highest railway bridge in Quebec. It rises more than 197 feet and spans 397 feet over the Milieu River. June 24th, 2003, MP 96.0 CN St-Maurice Sub.


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