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MTC Trains email

To help promote this new website I would like to offer you an email address, for example: “yourtrainsname”  You can replace the prefix of the email address with almost anything.  So how do you get one?

MTC Train Owners email address are available to anyone who owns an “F7” body MTC Train, all you have to do is review the terms of use, email me with your request, answer a few questions and send a picture of your train.  A request for an email address constitutes as your acceptance to the terms of use.

Non-Train Owners

If you do not meet the above criteria here are some additional options to obtain an email address.  You can contribute content to, what is content?  Pictures and a small article about a repair you have made to a MTC F body train.  A resource for parts such as companies that makes replica MTC crossing signs or a brief article with pictures about a train you know of.  A link to a good web site might even get you an email address.  Again, you must review the terms of use and email me with your request.  A request for an email address constitutes as your acceptance to the terms of use. 

How does it work?

It’s simple actually.  First you must currently have an email address (example:, the email address will not replace your current email address so do not get rid of it.  I assign you what ever email address you choose, “xyzrailroad” for example.  You give the email address to anyone you want.  They email you at and the email will arrive to you however you receive your email. email addresses are simply forwarding the email to your real email address ( and you will continue to receive any email sent to you at  There is absolutely nothing for you to do but give out the email address. 

So why get an email address it’s just kind of cool to have when your posting to message boards like Yahoo’s MTCTrains group.


 Terms of use

 Availability of Email Addresses

As Registrant of the domain name I reserve the right to determine who will be allowed to use email addresses.  I also reserve the right to cancel email address at my discretion without cause.  There are a limited quantity of email address available.

Copyrighting Material

All material on this website should be considered Copywritten and henceforth please refer to when referencing information taken from this website. 

Additionally credit will be given to individuals providing content to if they have requested.  Their submitted material may be copywritten and readers should contact the credited submitter prior to reposting of material.

 Non-endorsement is a not for profit website.  The intent of the website is to share information regarding MTC Trains this may include businesses that sell various train related products.  No persons posting to this website endorses any business listed within unless specifically stated. 

 Statement of Non-Liability

Subject matter on this website is for informational purposes only.  Should you decided to use information on this website you agree to do so at your own risk. Therefore the Registrant of or any person submitting information to this web site can not be held liable for damages to property or injury to any persons through the use of information taken from this web site.





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