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 Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin



Chicago, IL

Dave (708) 343-8000 Ext. 132  Train Mechanic 

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Photograph Contributions: Dan Crean


Doc Hoffman's - Private Collector - G-16 #524

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North Carolina 

580pic1.jpg (62998 bytes)Dan Crean - Private Collector
10631 Bailey Rd.
Cornelius, NC  28031
email - 
G-16 #580


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Photograph Contributions: Dan Crean


Ed Taylor - Private Collector
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Photograph Contributions: Dan Crean


Wilson, North Carolina
G-16 #710  
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Photograph Contributions: Dan Crean



Staunton, Virginia
G-16 #732
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Photograph Contributions: Dan Crean


Marathon Junction
Wausau, WI

G16, #612
Name of Location: Marathon County Park, 12th Avenue @ Stewart Avenue, Wausau, WI (click for Map)
Contact Person: Scott Winter or Chip Winter (715) 842-8175
Mailing Address: PO 1262, Wausau, WI  54402-1262
Shipping Address: 800 Garfield Avenue, Wausau WI  54401

Additional Information:  Marathon Junction is a privately owned Family Amusement Center located in Marathon County Park.  Train, carousel, mini-golf course, and lunch menu restaurant run from approximately April until October.  Marathon Park also offers a Children's splash pad (located inside our mainline), camping, playground areas, tennis courts, walking trails, and many community events throughout the year. 

Additional information, pictures and video of our train can be found on the No. 612 Page of this site.


G16a1.jpg (26082 bytes)Fond Du Lac , WI  
G16 Train Number unknown 
S16 Train Number unknown 
Name of Location: Lakeside
Contact Person: Don Gross Ė Winnebago Sales
(920) 922-5930

Info: Train is located in a Fond Du Lac city park called Lakeside.  City of Fond Du Lac Park Dept. (920) 929-2950  

 G16a2.jpg (25984 bytes) S162.jpg (62136 bytes) S161.jpg (59302 bytes)  fondulac.jpg (42663 bytes)

Oshkosh, WI  
2 G16ís Train Numbers 728, 764 
Name of Location: 
Menominee Park, Oshkosh 
Contact Person:  Oshkosh Park Dept., Park Director Tom Stefani (920) 236-5080  
Info:  The train and concession building have recently been purchased by the park department.  I believe they plan on doing some major repair work to the trains over the 2002 winter season.  Trains are currently running.

Train/Concessions 236-5089  

  LocomotiveLeft.jpg (49456 bytes) LocomotiveRight.jpg (61638 bytes) ObservationREAR.jpg (51993 bytes) ObservationSide.jpg (55779 bytes) oshkosh.jpg (41027 bytes) 

Bay Beach County Park

Green Bay, WI

Bay Beach County Park in Green Bay has a number of G16s that they run during the summer. You may have heard of it but here you can see it G16s running on propane.  The guys here are great and they have an awsome parts room.  Oh, buy the way they also have a very nice amuesment park.


G-16 Train Number unknown  
Name of Location: Bay Beach County Park, Green Bay, WI

A little History: This train was removed from LaReauís Miniature World (now out of business, enjoying retirement) in Pardeeville, WI during the summer of 2004 and relocated to Bay Beach in Green Bay, WI

PardeevilleLoco.jpg (37473 bytes) PardeevilleDash.jpg (40354 bytes)  

Storybook Gardens 
Wisconsin Dells, WI


Chippewa Valley Railroad - 
Eau Claire, WI

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