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Non-Engine Parts

Non-Engine Parts

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they are listed here only for reference.


Parts for your Train

The Allan Herschell Company in North Tonawanda New York is one of only a handful of parts suppliers for Miniature Train Company parts, although they DO NOT deal in Wisconsin Engine parts.  You can also order an ďOperations Manual and Parts CatalogĒ from them.  This two volume set will be of great value when it comes time to take apart the trucks on your train, or figure out a maintenance schedule, or try to find part numbers of pieces you need.  Itís filled with technical drawings of everything from the fluid clutch, to the inside worm gear assembly, to measurements for a cover for your train.  It also includes information on laying track properly and original paint color numbers, I think I paid between $150.00 - $180.00 including shipping.

It should be noted however that they donít have every part you may need.  As one train owner told me if you have to go have a piece manufactured at a local machine shop and if itís a mechanical piece do not tell them itís for an amusement ride.  Machine shops will often shy away from doing such work because of liability that could be passed along to them if the part is ever found to have failed and contributed to an injury of an employee or rider.

Allan Herschell Company L.L.C 
Ed Janulionis
889 Erie Avenue 
North Tonawanda, NY  14120  
Phone (715) 692-1884
Fax (716) 743-0586
No Website or email.

Gary Warner also advertises that he makes parts for G12 & G16 MTC trains.  Some of the parts in his advertisement include decorative horns, windows, ties, track clips Model/Serial number plates, stirrup steps and more.

Gerry Warner  
PO box 43
Troy, PA 16947-0043  

Another source for parts is a place called Miniature Train Works (630-553-3143).  According to their add they are Makers of G-16 train components.  G-16 restoration, fiberglass train A and B bodies and specialty parts.



Home Train Locator Parts Pictures Wisconsin Engines Misc. Parts No. 612 Site Updates Credits / Links



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