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Pictures - Mechanical

Pictures - Mechanical

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Pictures of various parts are provided here for use as reference, you can click on a picture to display a larger view of it. If you click on the title (example "Fluid Clutch") it may take you to a brief article regarding that object.  I would welcome the submission of any similar pictures or better descriptions, please email them to me.

Axle Shaft Bearing
Fluid Clutch I've had to replace the shaft seals on my Fluid Clutch so I've had mine off and taken apart, as a result I have a bunch of pictures and have created an additional page just for the Fluid Clutch (page).
Torque Converter


Brake Adjustment Assembly BrakeAdjustment1.jpg (37512 bytes) BrakeAdjustmentTop.jpg (46076 bytes)
Bolster Bolster1.jpg (28296 bytes)
Flywheel Flywheelguard.jpg (37402 bytes) Flywheelguard2.jpg (87685 bytes)
Power Truck PowertruckTL.jpg (47773 bytes) Powertrucktop1.jpg (33622 bytes) PowertruckTR.jpg (48574 bytes)
Torque Arm
Worm Gear Housing WormGearHousingTop.jpg (49651 bytes) WormGearAssembly.jpg (46851 bytes) 010_10.JPG (426755 bytes) 
Worm Gear
Worm Gear Shaft
Truck Truck1.jpg (40040 bytes) Truck2.jpg (126974 bytes)
Transmission Transmission1.jpg (36630 bytes) Transmission2.jpg (30781 bytes) Transmission3.jpg (106767 bytes) Transmission4.jpg (87503 bytes) Transmission5.jpg (96844 bytes) transmissionbox2.jpg (20391 bytes) 
Lubricants Lubricant1.jpg (53021 bytes) Lubricant2.jpg (66997 bytes) Marvel.jpg (22035 bytes) 
Propane Powered Propane1.jpg (125752 bytes) Propane2.jpg (137348 bytes) Propane3.jpg (133552 bytes)  Propane4.jpg (117099 bytes)
Wisconsin Engines WIEngine1.jpg (108369 bytes) WIEngine2.jpg (107193 bytes)
Draw Bars DrawbarCoupler.jpg (93864 bytes)
Carburetor Carburetor1.jpg (106225 bytes)
Zig-Zag Light ZigZag1.jpg (46070 bytes)
Distributor & Cap distripbutor.jpg (36305 bytes) distributornumbers.jpg (35629 bytes) distributorcapbottom1.jpg (65956 bytes) distributorcapbottom2.jpg (51919 bytes) distributorcaptop.jpg (62783 bytes) distribwithwires.jpg (43183 bytes)
Journal Box JournalboxScrews.jpg (38412 bytes)
Starter starter1.jpg (52085 bytes) starterdrive.jpg (45242 bytes) starterdrive2.jpg (43747 bytes)
Ring Gear ringgear.jpg (40082 bytes)

Home Train Registry Parts Pictures Wisconsin Engines Misc. Parts No. 612 Site Updates Credits / Links



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