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All about Robin Stirling

All about the Station Master


I am 59 years old and I have been working with Computers since 1998 , I have been self taught and started designing Web Sites in 1998 , My first project was to construct a Site relating to the Peterborough Railway Station and the lack of interest being shown by those who use it and consiquently resulting in its deralict state. Click Here for a Photo of The Station . I am now a working on Web Sites for SteamTown and The Black Rock Dirtcircuit Car Club.. Click here to see a photo of me in Uniform, or here for a photo of where I work.

My Family

I am one of two children to Frank and Conie Stirling. My sisters is Wendy, and my Brothers name is Kieth , who is a School Teacher at Busselton W.A ,click here for a family photo.

My Hobbies

My hobbies are Railway Photography , Steam Train Preservation and antique Computers. Click here to see a photo of me in my "work guise". I have spent many hours at the Peterborough Station and SteamTown taking photos for the News Groups and my web site , spending about 2 hours a day as a Tour Guide , the rest of my day is shared between my Station Duties and working on my Web Pages.

I am a member of the Peterborough Railway Preservation Society , and perform Car Captain and other duties on many train tours run by the society to Black Rock and Eurelia.

My good wifeValma and myself moved to Peterborough from Whyalla in 1996. We are living in an old Stonie Cottage which was built in 1910 , and has been loingly restore over the past five years . I don't have much of a life outside the railways . To see some of my photos, have a look at my Gallery Page

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