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COMMUTER SERVICES AREA: The remaining non-daily Chicago Metra Commuter Service Routes that run a less-than-daily service schedule are being phased in over time to the site.  The long-awaited introduction of the Chicago Metra Union Pacific Northwest District Line (at this time, only the three weekday trains serving McHenry Station will be introduced, since service to Harvard is Daily, that will be introduced a later time.) McHenry Branch.


Changes, Revisions, and Corrections:


Commuter Services Area:


Metrolink: The tenth weekday round-trip train between Los Angeles and Chatsworth has been reinstated. Trains 103 and 108 replace former trains 903 and 902.  The schedule of train 103 is 15-21 minutes earlier than the old schedule.  The schedule for train 108 is approximately the same as the former train 108-time slot, and continues on old train 902’s schedule without change Burbank Airport to Los Angeles.

A Revised Burbank Airport Line Schedule is also included, which reflects the changes to the later evening Amtrak Surfliner Schedules.

The Orange County Schedule, prepared in the August Update is also revised to show recovery time adjustments between Oceanside and Fullerton on Rail-2-Rail trains related to the new IEOC Line trains, which will be introduced in a November-Revise.  A news letter announcing that change will be added to the Trainweb Site during the Thanksgiving week.  Metrolink trains will operate on Thanksgiving on the San Bernardino and IEOC lines.


Special Events:  The Weekend Schedules for the Los Angeles County Fair have been consolidated, since the only differences between Saturday and Sunday operations are two eastbound trains in the evening and one westbound train on Sundays, and the morning portion of both schedules is the same.


Chicago Metra:  Changes were made to the Southwest District Service Schedule to improve reliability and transfer connections at Chicago Union Station as well as to more evenly distribute arriving and departing trains into and out of the Chicago Terminal.


Sounder:  For the second time in four months, a new train is added. This time, Tacoma gets the new round-trip. There are now four round-trips. The new service consists of a later morning northbound train and an earlier afternoon train.


The Sounder Schedule, including the Rail-Plus Program Trains between Everett and Seattle is now in panel card format.


Amtrak Services Area:


Due to hurricane related storm damage, following changes will be made to schedules already prepared:


City of New Orleans:  South Terminal of this route is at Hammond, Louisiana.

Crescent: South Terminal is Meridian, Mississippi.

Sunset Limited: East Terminal is San Antonio, Texas.


New Amtrak Introductions:

Schedules for the Crescent, Cardinal, Lake Shore Limited, Pennsylvanian, Capitol Limited, and Hoosier State Are included in this package of updates.


Rapid Bus Services:

The Big Blue Bus introduced Rapid Service back in June. That information will be introduced under a folder “/lxa/blue” within the Rapid Services area.

LXA in this case is the Aviation Station on the Green Line, not Los Angeles International Airport or Los Angeles Union Station.


Next Update:


The Fall Timetable Change Package will be prepared for posting up to the Trainweb Server, which if all goes well should take effect on the Sunday of the Thanksgiving week, November 20, 2005. A Link for this update will be included in the index page, although it will not be active until the news letter is loaded into that slot, the slot will be protected.  The October 1, 2005 Capitol Corridor adjustments and a Special Event-Football Schedule for trains 711 and 718 for Home-Field Raider games at OAC will be added to the site, in panel format, that will be linked below the regular San Joaquin Service schedules.