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System Timetable At Trainweb - November 20, 2005 Monthly Shakeup News Letter


NOVEMBER 20, 2005



Major changes in the fall timetable are as follows:


1.              There has been a substantial amount of restructuring in Surfliner Southbound evening service schedules from Los Angeles, Goleta, and San Luis Obispo.

2.              Metrolink trains #103 and #108 between Los Angeles and Chatsworth were restored on September 6, 2005.  Other Metrolink changes include some substantial changes in San Bernardino Line morning Thanksgiving Day service affecting trains 358, 359, and 360 and Inland Empire line trains 869, 870, 871, and 872.  On New Year’s day (January 2, 2006), the Orange County line train numbers were moved into the “670”-series.  Southbound train 672 had some recovery time shifted around to reflect actual travel time between station stops, which resulted in the Fullerton, Anaheim, and Orange station schedule times being 2 minutes earlier. Added time was inserted at Norwalk, Santa Ana, and Tustin.  The only other Thanksgiving change is that train 361, originates in Riverside 5 minutes earlier and five minutes of recovery time was shifted from Los Angeles and Cal State LA stations to San Bernardino to improve departure reliability.

3.              The Crescent and City of New Orleans were restored to full route operations on October 7,2005, southbound, and October 9, 2005 Northbound.  The Sunset Limited will operate through to New Orleans beginning on November 2, 2005 eastbound from Los Angeles and November 4, 2005, westbound from New Orleans.

4.              Coaster trains 658 (Monday thru Thursday) and 659 (Monday thru Thursday) operated during the Baseball season are removed from the schedule for the winter. They will be restored on a new schedule in Spring 2006.

5.              San Diego Trolley – Blue Line Sunday service trains departing the San Ysidro International Border at 7:14pm, 7:44pm, 8:14pm, and 8:44pm were extended from America Plaza to Old Town on October 30, 2005.

6.              Sounder initiated a second round-trip to Everett in June, and on September 26, 2004, Tacoma service was increased to four round-trips each weekday.

7.              Chicago Metra UPNW/McHenry Branch Service was introduced to the server on October 2,2005.  This leaves the Milwaukee Road District West Line thru service to Big Timber Road, Rock Island District Main Line service, and Electric District-Blue Island Branch Service as the last remaining non-daily services operated by Metra to be introduced to the server.  This operator also initiated a new service location at Pingree Road, just south of Crystal Lake.

8.              Cal-Train added five new Baby Bullet trains and some Limited-Local trains with coordinated Redwood City transfers in August.  The Afternoon Baby Bullet trains were rescheduled due to a train congestion issue at San Jose Diridon Station; the new trains leave 33 minutes later.  The transfer connection time at Redwood City for most of the trips has been increased to six minutes.  On Saturdays, the earliest AM trips were moved to 9:00PM to close the long gaps in the evening schedule.

9.              The Clocker Division is removed, since Amtrak is no longer operating Clocker trains between Philadelphia and New York.  This comes as a result of New Jersey Transit exercising its contractual right to cancel the fare-sharing arrangements wherein Amtrak honored Monthly and weekly New Jersey Transit tickets along the Northeast Corridor line between Trenton, NJ and New York City on the Clockers and a few of the Keystone Corridor trains. As a result, the three remaining Clocker trains, trains 624, 629, and 633 are discontinued. New Jersey Transit is operating their own trains, on approximately the same time slots as the Clockers.  With this operating change, Amtrak is no longer handling New Jersey Transit Tickets on any Clocker train.  With this change, the era of “Clocker” trains from Wilmington or Philadelphia to New York has officially come to an end.

10.         Premium Service trains operating within the Northeast Corridor is Acela Express with the exception of Metroliner trains 2300 and 2301.  This officially ends another Amtrak tradition of all Metroliner trains being numbered in the low-100-series.

11.         All Northeast Corridor Services with the exception of the Keystone Corridor west of Philadelphia are entirely All-Reserved.

12.         Checked Baggage is now available on all Hiawatha Service Trains.

13.         Construction time on the California Zephyr schedule in the Lincoln, Nebraska area has been removed.

14.         With the e