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System Timetable At Trainweb - Fall Timetable Update General Preface








In order to make room for the San Diego Trolley Green Line and the Metro Orange Line, service changes affecting the Metro Rail Gold Line and the Metro Rail Red Line Wilshire/Western Branch are now discussed with the San Joaquin Valley service change summary.  In order to make room for the upcoming opening of Sprinter Service, all non-Rail-2-Rail related Metrolink service timetable changes including Thanksgiving Day Inland Empire Line service are now discussed in the San Joaquin Valley Summary as well. For this change, San Jose Light Rail Red Line (also known as the Almaden Branch) related service changes are discussed with the Surfliner Route service change summary.  Cal-Train has been displayed entirely on the Capitol Corridor service change summary report. Now that there are four types of Cal-Train service in terms of the rail operation aspect, Baby Bullet and Limited-Local service are now discussed as part of the Surfliner Route Update Summary.  The San Diego Trolley Green Line and Metro Orange Line are new sections in the Surfliner Route summary of service changes.




In order to differentiate the Los Angeles Basin Routes, the Long Beach service connected with the Surfliners has been labeled as “Los Angeles Harbor”, while the General Los Angeles Basin Service connected with San Joaquin Trains is labeled “Los Angeles Basin/Inland Empire”, due to the reshuffling of the schedules in the Inland Empire.  Most of the San Jose Buses serving the San Joaquin Trains in Stockton are now operated through to the Cal-Train Stations in northern Santa Clara County.  Altamont Commuter Express, San Jose Light Rail Green Line, Sacramento Light Rail Blue Line, Metro Gold Line, Metro Red Line-Wilshire/Western, Metrolink Antelope Valley Line Weekday, San Bernardino Line, Riverside Line, and Inland Empire Line Thanksgiving Day service adjustments are now discussed in the San Joaquin Route section.




The discussion of changes surrounding the San Jose Light Rail service has been divided evenly among all three update messages. Likewise, Cal-Train service pertaining to the regular limited-stop trains and all of the local service trips that make the normal station stops are discussed here, while Baby Bullet and Limited-Local service trip related service changes have been shifted into the Surfliner update message. The ACE service change summary is now included in the San Joaquin Valley update as is the Sacramento Blue Line.  Service changes involving the Gold Line in Sacramento which operates from Saint Rose of Lima Park, downtown, on the K Street Mall to Sunrise Boulevard or Folsom.  The Cascade Corridor, Tri-Met, Sounder, and Tacoma Link service changes are included in the Capitol Corridor update message.  San Jose Light Rail changes surrounding Blue Line service are also included in this update message.  Information on the Reno Train Trench and underground station project in downtown Reno is also being included since the project is nearing completion.




This is a new message. It is prepared in tabular form. Trinity Railway Express is generally discussed in the General System changes or in a monthly update newsletter, but due to the large-scale nature of the weekday service adjustments, a full update message is being introduced for this operator this year. Several short-turn trains that operated DAL-DFW only now operate through to Fort Worth. The transfer trip, among other changes, has been reduced to an eastbound only occurrence; therefore, the need for a separate timetable displaying this operation is no longer necessary. Some later evening service was also added.




The entire Northeast Corridor, with the exception of Keystone service west of Philadelphia, has become entirely all-reserved. The Peak/Shoulder/Off Peak structure is abolished. Service is now based on class of seat inventory rather than date and time of the day.  The Clocker service has been officially eliminated. New Jersey Transit has assumed operation of these trains. Amtrak Trains, as noted in the update message, are now stricken from the New Jersey Transit North Jersey Coast and Northeast Corridor Line timetables.  Metroliner service has been reassigned to the 2300-series train numbers.  All 100-series trains are now labeled as Regional service trains.  There have been a fairly substantial amount of service changes on the Northeast Corridor, including the Keystone, Empire, and Springfield Branches. The Montreal Bus service was discontinued on October 30, 2005 due to high operational costs.




The General System Message is also in tabular format.  Various construction-related schedule adjustments from the spring are reversed, so trains on the California Zephyr and Texas Eagle routes will operate earlier than the previous schedule.  New Orleans Service was restored on three of the four legs of Amtrak’s Southern Crossing, the only remaining service segment that is suspended remains the New Orleans to Jacksonville segment.  The Sanford stop was eliminated from all Florida trains on August 1, 2005. As a result, the Hurricane Katrina information has been updated and moved into the Announcements area, see the link on the main index page for more information.  The reduced schedules for the City of New Orleans and Crescent are replaced by schedules that display full route operation.  Checked Baggage is added to the remaining Hiawatha Service trains between Milwaukee and Chicago.  Chicago Metra’s Union Pacific District Northwest Line added a stop at Pingree Road, and the UPNW-McHenry Branch segment service was introduced to the Trainweb Server.  With this package of updates, the Metra Milwaukee District West Line Weekday service Extension to Big Timber Road, just west of Elgin, Illinois will be introduced.  Indiana has decided to observe Daylight Savings Time in all counties starting in Spring 2006 as noted. This is the last time the Indiana times will be flip-flopped.







After a five-year period of construction, the Reno Trench will be opening to passenger train traffic starting shortly after the beginning of January 2006. The Trench has already opened up to Freight Railroad operations.  When the Passenger Service Opening date is announced, the surface level trackage will be discontinued and dismantled.  The station will also move from 245 Evans Avenue back to the old station at 135 East Commercial Row. There has been a minor setback due to weather issues and the obtaining of escalator and elevator permits from the City.