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The Official National Timetable - Coaster Train Service Schedule Change Update Home Page

The Official National Timetable - Winter 2001/2002 Adjustments Home Page Schedule Change Update Home Page

Winter Service Changes


  1. November 23, 2001
  2. December 03, 2001
  3. December 04, 2001
  4. December 08, 2001
  5. December 15, 2001
  6. December 17, 2001
  7. December 21, 2001
  8. January 14, 2002
  9. January 15, 2002
  10. January 21, 2002
  11. January 26, 2002
  12. January 27, 2002
  13. January 28, 2002
  14. February 17, 2002

November 23, 2001

The Coaster added a sixth train to its "Thanksgiving Friday" special schedule. The added train closes the gap that existed on the prvious schedule between 11:00A and 5:28P. Additionally, the third morning train in the southbound direction departs OSD 35 minutes earlier at 9:00A. Northbound from San Diego, the added train operates at 12:45P to Oceanside, permitting the Coaster-Metrolink Connection on the special schedule.

December 3, 2001

Trinity Railway Express added two new destinations. The Intermodal Transportation Center (AKA: ITC), and the former Texas & Pacific Railroad (T&PRR) stations in Fort Worth (FTW) opened for revenue service on December 3. All trains which terminated at Richland Hills, TX were extended to FTW. Some DFW Airport only trains were also extended. The remaining trains which terminated at South Irving were all extended to DFW Airport Station. A timetable update with further details will be posted within the week (with a separate url address, of course.).

December 4, 2001

Amtrak's Kentucky Cardinal was extended from Jeffersonville, Indiana five miles across the Ohio River, into historic Union Station in Louisville, Kentucky. The train departs daily to CHI at 9:20P and Jeffersonville's reservation code changes from LJV to JFV. The Jeffersonville time is 20 minutes later at 10:10P northbound to Chicago, but this train's schedule north of Indianapolis is otherwise unchanged. Jeffersonville becomes a D stop on southbound train #850, meaning that local traffic between Jeffersonville and Louisville will not be handled and the train may leave early when station work is completed. The LVL arrival will be at 7:30A on southbound train #850. This results in a minor adjustment to the JFV time on the same respective train. LVL is the code used for Both the Train Station on Broadway and the Bus Station on Muhammad Ali Boulevard.

December 8, 2001

Saturday service is completely restructured. Approximately fifty percent of the trains run through to Fort Worth T&P station, providing roughly two hour spacing between trains.

December 15, 2001

Amtrak's newest route, the "Down Easter" providing four roundtrips between Boston North Station, Mass and Portland, Maine including several stations such as Haverhill, Mass., and Wells, Maine was added on December 15, 2001. The Durham, NH stop is in service Friday through Sunday Only while
Old Orchard Beach, ME will operate much like San Clemente, CA on the Pacific Surfliner Route, with service being available only during the Spring/Summer portion of the calendar year.
Connections between Boston North Station Amtrak Service and Boston South Station Amtrak services may be made via two routes:

Option 1: Passengers may take the Orange Line, which boards directly across from North Station to the Back Bay Station, from where Amtrak service to both southern and western destinations will connect.

Option 2: Passengers may take either the Green Line to Park Street or the Orange Line to Downtown Crossing stations, and transfer to a southbound Red Line train to South Station.

Option 3: Use complimentary shuttle service provided by an MBTA thruway conenction (service agreement between Amtrak and "The T" is pending approval by the MBTA board of directors.)

December 17, 2001

Amtrak made several adjustments to Michigan service routes.

Train #351 runs 45 minutes later

Train #352 runs 5 minutes later

Train #353 runs 45 minutes later

Train #354 runs 5 minutes later

Train #355 runs 5 minutes later

Train #364, providing through service to Toronto, runs 10mi later within the United States, but is unchanged east of Port Huron, Michigan.

December 21, 2001

The only change on this date was the return of train #552 to the scheudle listed on page #53 of the current National Timetable.

January 14, 2002

Amtrak train #1, the westbound Sunset limited will be restrung between anwhere from 30 minutes earlier to 65 minutes later between New Orleans, LA and Pomona, CA. No change will be made to the schedule at LAX or between ORL and NOL.

January 15, 2002

Amtrak Train #421, the westbound Texas Eagle-California will be rescheduled 10 to 65 minutes later from San Antonio, TX to Pomona, CA. No schedule adjustments will be made CHI-SAS or to the LAX time.

January 21, 2001

A new Metrolink Weekday timetable will be implemented today. Metrolink's delayed Fall 2001 schedule includes many added frequencies and quite a collection of both major and minor restringing to trains.

Tustin Station, located on Edinger Street between Jamboree Blvd. and Red Hill Avenue, becomes the newest Orange County boarding location, providing much-needed relief to neighboring Irvine and Santa Ana stations.

A sixth Lancaster train was added to the weekday schedule, providng an earlier departure from Los Angeles and a new mid-day departure from Lancaster.

The Ventura County Line gained its 10th roundtrip between Los Angeles and Chatsworth, as well as another thru train from Moorpark.

Trains #902 and #907 are eliminated from the Burbank Turns. All other 900 trains will be renumbered to reflect this change.

Inland Empire trains will add Tustin to their schedules.

San Bernardino is discontinued from train #810's schedule. Service remains unchanged west of Riverside.

All Northbound Orange County line trains will run 3 minutes earlier from their respective starting Points.

January 26, 2002

Riverside Line service is eliminated, but Saturday service serving San Bernardino line stations was increased from six trains per day to eight trains per day from most stations. The Antelope Valley Line schedules have not changed this time. San Bernardino Line:

Train #383 is split into new train #383 running 50 minutes earlier from San Bernardino, making most of the normal station stops. Train #383's old schedule becomes train #385, which is otherwise unchanged. Train #385 is renumbered #387. Train #387 became new train #389 with no schedule changes. Former train #389 is split into new train #391, departing San Bernardino one hour earlier, making most of the usual stops. The old schedule of train #389 is renumbered #393, with otherwise, no changes. Train #393's old schedule is renumbered #395 with no changes.

Train #380 is split into new train #380 running two hours earlier at 7:00, serving most of the usual stops through San Bernardino. Train #380's current schedule is renumbered #382, having otherwise no changes. Train #382 is split into new train #384 running 65 minutes earlier, serving all stops as far as San Bernardino. The old schedule of train #382 is renumbered #386. Train #384's current schedule is renubmered #388, without schedule changes. Train #388's current schedule is renumbered #390. Train #390 is replaced with train #392, also having no schedule changes, and Train #394 is unchanged.

Trains #380 and #393 do not serve the Covina Station, while trains #383 and #391 skip the Montclare Stop.

January 27, 2002

The only change other than train numbering changes involves the last train of the day in both directions running later. Westbound train #397 (formerly #391) operates 57 minutes later, departing Riverside at 4:30P, allowing there to be service at Montclare station on all four westbound trains. Eastbound train #396 (currently #392), is renumbered, running 50 minutes later at 7:00P, and continues to operate through to Riverside.

January 28, 2002

This is the date of the next anticipated Amtrak timetable adjustments. A further message will be posted here as the information becomes available.

February 17, 2002

North San Diego County Transit District, operators of the Coaster, will implement the first phase of Fast Forward, the major "thruway bus connection" restructuring. Only schedules which pertain to the routes which directly connect to or from Coaster service will be listed in a separate message.

Winter Companion Fare Promotion

For reservations made Jan 2 through Feb 21, for travel Jan 9 through Feb 28, for each full fare, one companion may travel on amtrak trains except acela or metroliners. Travel blackouts for Feb 15-18. plus some additional days for trains serving New Orleans during Super Bowl and Mardi Gras. No other discounts allowed on the full fare. No senior, AAA, NARP etc. Not good on Joint VIA/AMTRAK trains to Canada. Good in Sleeper and Business. OK on most Thruway motorcoaches Must be reserved 7 days in advance, purchase within 3 days and no refunds. Source: Ed Von Nordeck.