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Updated: 12/27/04

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The Current Layout

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My current layout is built using Gargraves 3 rail track. I have a three track mainline using O54, O42, and O31 curves. One 270 watt MRC Dual Power O27 and one 100 watt MRC Throttle Pack O27 power the three tracks. The layout is small enough to use 18 gauge wire throughout.

The project was started in the autumn of 1998. I had intended to build a traditional postwar layout on a 4'x8' sheet of plywood. It has since expanded to fill a small 8'x9' room. When finished, I hope to have created a layout evocative of the New Haven segment of the NEC during the early 60s.

Both the layout and this website are very much a work in progress. Check back often to see what's new. Click here to let me know how I am doing!

Layout Images

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Layout Videos

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16 Seconds @ 320x240 (741kb)

20 Seconds @ 320x240 (910kb)

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