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NJ Railroad Frequencies

New Jersey Railroad Frequencies

It is not complete, but it is a start.
Location: Use: Frequencies:
New Jersey Road 160.800




Elizabeth Yard Yard 16.770
Elizabeth Yard Train Movement Desk 161.430
Elizabeth Yard Police-PBX 161.340


North Bergen Yard 160.740
North Bergen Intermodal Facility 160.665
Perth Amboy Former Raritan River Yard 161.355
New Jersey Transit
North Jersey Coast Road - Conrail 160.860
North Jersey Coast Road - NJ Transit 161.235
High Bridge Branch Road - Conrail 161.70
High Bridge Branch Road - NJ Transit 161.235
Hoboken Division Road 161.400
Newark City Subway Road 161.370
Newark City Subway Dispatcher and Road 161.460
Black River Western
Ringos General Operations 161.085
Morristown and Erie
Morristown Road 160.230
Morristown Yard 161.100
Morristown Maintenance of Way 158.385
New York, Susquehanna & Western
New Jersey Division Road and Dispatcher 160.485
Pioneer Railroad
Salem General Opertions 161.025
Shore Fast Line
Pleasantville Road 160.335
Pleasantville Switching 161.385
Southern Railroad Company of New Jersey
Winslow General Operations 160.335


West Jersey
Salem General Operations 161.025
US Army
Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal 165.0375
US Navy
Earle Earle Navel Weapons Station 140.025
Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation
Newark Road Dispatcher 160.470
Newark Yard 452.875
Newark Shop 160.425