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New Jersey Rails

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About New Jersey Rails

The idea for this site got its start when I was on America Online in 1995. I wanted a site that brought together all of the New Jersey Railroad pages on the internet. I didn't have web space until I signed up with Mindspring in 1997. This site went up on January 6 of that year, all though it had been completed since November of 1996. Over the next year I added more features to the site. In 1998 I took over maintaining the links section of Trainweb and I created the Private Road Name Modelers SIG homepage. These two new projects took me away from updating this site, which by the middle of 98 I was tired of. In 1999 I download the iCab internet browser which, follows HTML strictly and gives a report if a site is not up to code. I revamped this web site so that it would follow HTML formats

Created on December 27, 1996

Updated on April 12, 1999

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