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Publication of Railroad and Rail Transit History
A more far-reaching NOARS goal is the publication of a history of all of the railroads and rail transit operations in the Northern Ohio area incorporating previously unpublished photos and complete maps. The text for the book would be prepared by knowledgeable members culled from area railroad organizations and the final product would be sold by all area rail groups to both raise funds for future growth and to spread the word about railroading in the Northern Ohio area.

the Call Board newsletter, Chuck Beargie, editor

How Should CSU Special Collections Address Local Railroad History? Presentation by William Barrow at the June 23, 2011 NOARS meeting in pdf format.

Railroads of Willoughby (from 2009 "Last Stop Willoughby" event)

NOARS was founded by 17 representatives of area societies on June 13, 1998. Sadly, 5 founders have died in the intervening years, Jerry Adams, John Grecol, H. Lansing Vail, Jr., Bruce Young and Dave McKay.