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Railroads of Northern Ohio

Railroads of Northern Ohio
Links are to the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History Railroads
Major Predecessor Railroads Railroads of mid 20th Century
Akron and Chicago Junction
Baltimore and Ohio and Chicago
Cleveland, Wooster and Muskingum Valley
Eastern Ohio
Sandusky, Mansfield and Newark
Baltimore & Ohio
(Chessie, CSX)
Chicago and Erie
Erie (EL, PC, CR)
  Newburgh & South Shore

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis (Big 4)
Cleveland Union Terminal

Lake Erie and Pittsburg
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern
Pittsburg and Lake Erie
Toledo & Ohio Central

New York Central (PC, CR)
Lorain & West Virginia
Nickel Plate Road (New York, Chicago & St. Louis)
Wheeling and Lake Erie
Norfolk & Western (NS)

Cleveland, Akron and Columbus
Cleveland, Mt. Vernon & Delaware
Cleveland and Pittsburg
Marietta, Columbus & Cleveland
Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago and Columbus

Pittsburg, Youngstown and Ashtabula

Pennsylvania (PC, CR)

Interurban and Street Railways
Akron, Bedford & Cleveland
Broadway and Newburgh Street Railway
Cleveland and Berea Street Railway
Cleveland and Newburgh Railway
Cleveland and Newburgh "Dummy" Railway
Cleveland, Painesville & Eastern
Cleveland, Southwestern & Columbus
Cleveland Electric Railway Company
Cleveland Railway Company
Cleveland Transit System
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Northern Ohio Railway
Shaker Heights Rapid Transit System

1918 Ohio Railway Map (courtesy Columbus Public Library)   legend

(DjVU format provides great detail but requires a free browser plugin)

Purchase a color map of Cleveland Railroads in 1934. View Map Online

Railroads of Willoughby (2009 "Last Stop Willoughby" event)

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