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Toledo Edison Steeple Cab Locomotive # 2
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Toledo Edison
Steeple Cab Locomotive # 2

Toledo Edison Steeple Cab Locomotive # 2 was built in 1924 by the Differential Car Company of Findlay, Ohio. It was used by the Toledo Edison Company to move hopper cars and coal at the company's Acme power plant in Toledo, Ohio. In later years, employees at the plant referred to TE 2 as “Leapin’ Lena”, because controller problems made it lurch in operation.

TE 2 Specifications:

Type:    Electric Locomotive

Description:    50 Ton Steeple Cab

Builder:    Differential Steel Car Company, Findlay, Ohio

Year Built:    1924


Aquired by NORM:    2005

Dimensions:    Length: 36ft., Width: 9ft. 5in., Height: 11ft. 4in.

Weight:    107,000 lbs.


Controls:    GE K64BR

Trucks:    Differential Arch Bar

Motors:    4 GE-57

Brakes:    WH SA2

Compressor:    WH D3

Lines Served On:    Acme Power Plant, Toledo, Ohio

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This photo shows Toledo Edison 2 in service at the Acme plant. (Museum Collection)

Here is another photo of TE 2 at the plant. Note the offset mounting of the two trolley poles. (Museum Collection)

This photo shows the body of the locomotive arriving at the Museum by truck in the fall of 2005. (S. Heister)

Toledo Edison 2 waits on the west loop track for its move to the carhouse after being reunited with its trucks. (S. Heister)

Here is TE 2 in front of the McCarthy Carhouse in the spring of 2010. (B. C. Gage)

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