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Rail Photography in the Northeast

Rail Photography in the Northeast

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my new page! Here you will find galleries of pictures that I have taken in the Northeastern United States, mainly in the New York/New Jersey area.

As many of you who are familiar with NJ Transit may have heard, NJ Transit is planning on taking delivery of new diesel locomotives in 2004. As these new locomotives are put into service, other locomotives, mainly GP40PH-2s, are going to be retired. It is my goal to capture every one of these locomotives before they are retired. I got a good start in Hoboken.

Please enjoy for personal use only!
Thanks, Matt


Hoboken, New Jersey - 12/30/02

GP40PH-2 4106     GP40PH-2 4109     GP40PH-2 4102    4106 & 4109         New Comet V Cars

SW1500 501         GP40PH-2B 4206   GP40PH-2B 4212  4103 & 4212           Engines in Yard

Extra Trainsets       New Comet V       GP40PH-2B 4206   ALP-44 4418          Light Rail

Multiple Unit          Many Generations   Engines in Yard    MU Departure        GP40FH-2 4186

4186 & 4103          GP40PH-2 4103     GP40FH-2 4186    GP40s resting        GP40PH-2 4109

GP40FH-2B 4190   4109 leaving          GP40s resting        SW1500 501         New Comet V

Light Rail               Many Generations  Extra Trainsets     New ALP46 4620    GP40s resting


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