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Current NSL pics

The North Shore Collection

What is the North Shore?

Pages from Central Electric Railfans' Bulletins

Selected pages including the complete detailed maps of the line as well as equipment drawings and dimensions have been reproduced from books from this organization.

CERA bulletin 68(equipment drawings)
CERA bulletin 107(maps of ROW)

Current North Shore Pics

Recent photographs taken of traces that still remain along former North Shore right of way.

Skokie Valley Route Pics(West Line, Chicago -> North Chicago)

The Skokie Valley was the high speed bypass to replace the shore line route. At Howard Street in Chicago, North Shore and El trains diverged for Dempster Street, along what is now the yellow line, or skokie swift. At Dempster street North Shore trains continued on private right of way to Green Bay Junction in Lake Bluff where they crossed the Mundelein Branch. At North Chicago Junction, they re-joined the former mainline north to Milwaukee. This line was constructed to steam road standards, and utilized catenary overhead as opposed to the simple span on the rest of the line. Trains could reach speeds of up to 90 mph on this route. The track was removed after 1963 abandonment of the entire line.

Lake-Cook Road
Clavey Road
Briargate station
Hwy. 22 Bridge(former Highmoor)
Sheridan Elms
Bridge over Hwy. 41
Between 41 and Deerpath
Deerpath pictures
North of Deerpath(Tower KO)
Lake Bluff station site

Shore Line Route(East Line, Chicago -> North Chicago)

The Shore Line route was the original mainline of the Chicago and Milwaukee Electic Railway. It paralleled the C&NW mainline from North Chicago to Evanston on private right of way, and then ran in the street to the Rapid transit terminal. Once permission was secured to operate over the "EL", North Shore trains could enter Chicago directly. The line was also grade seperated through Winetka with the CNW. The line south of Highwood was abandoned in 1955. The section of the line from Highwood to North Chicago remained with one track until final abandonment in 1963 so trains could reach the main shop facilities at Highwood, currently the site of the Hotel Morraine.

Sacred heart(Westleigh)
Lake Bluff Crossunder

Milwaukee Division Mainline(North Chicago -> Milwaukee)

This was the original mainline heading north to Milwaukee from North Chicago junction. The heavy catenary of the Skokie Valley Route ended in Waukegan just north of Glen Flora, and the rest of the line used wooden poles and direct suspension overhead wire. However, the North Shore constructed a high voltage transmission line using bates steel poles. This same transmission line still exists today, used by Commonwealth Edison. You may see these in some of the photos below.

Beach Rd
Wadsworth Rd
Hwy 173

Mundelein Branch(Lake Bluff -> Mundelein)

The Mundelein branch paralelled Highway 176 from Lake Bluff to Mundelein. It crossed over the EJ&E and Milwaukee road at Roundout on a high embankment. These railroads at Roundout as well as the Soo Line in Mundelein provided valuable freight interchange service making this line important. It survived until final abandonment in 1963. Many remaining interurban cars that could not be sold to other railroads or museums were destroyed at Roundout during abandonment. They were pushed onto interchange tracks, gutted for parts, and burned.

Line poles
Edison substation
Green Bay Junction

Other traces

Photos of North Shore Equipment
Detailed photos of remaining North Shore equipment at various mueseums. This section includes photographs and descriptions of rolling stock.

Photos of North Shore Signs
These are some photos of assorted North Shore signs. Included in this collection are the route boards from South Upton Tower in Lake Bluff.

Quicktime movies

These are movies filmed on location at IRM of North Shore equipment on the move. Many of the North Shore cars are operated on a regular basis, and more are currently being restored.

Merchandise Despatch Car 229 passes
Frisco 1630 passes 229 at Johnson siding
North Shore passes CTA 4290 on main line
North Shore crosses street on carline
North Shore departs East Union Station for carline
North Shore runs by Eastbound on bridge
North Shore runs by Westbound on bridge
North Shore train starting

The North Shore train starting clip is a shot of the motorman stopping, and then starting again. When the clip starts, the train is coasting. The motorman then moves the brake handle to apply for a few seconds, then lap to maintain the brake application. After the train has stopped, he moves the brake handle to release, pulls the whistle cord twice, and begins to step the controller up through the positions.

Mp3 files

These are .mp3 files of North Shore cars. These are the standard sounds one would hear when around the cars, the air brake compressor and the air whistle. The departing station is a clip from a train leaving the station. You can hear the creaking of the car and the groan of the motors as it accelerates. In station clip 2, you will hear the conductor pull the cord on the communicating bell to indicate the train is ready to leave. The motorman will then respond with 2 quick blasts of the whistle. In the background of both clips you may also hear a metallic cricket like sound, this is the trolley shoe sliding on the overhead wire.

Whistle 2
Departing station
Departing station 2

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