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Car 160

Standard Car 160

Car 160 is one of the original first 15 steel coaches ordered from J.G. Brill. The design and equipment used in these cars would be used in every other steel coach ordered until the electroliners. Car 160 survived longer than any other car in the series because it was converted from hot water heat to electric heat, making it easier to maintain. Because it had not been modernized, this car would have seen service primarily in Mundelein Branch locals and sailor specials after abandonment of the shoreline. This car was saved by IRM because of its historical significance(original series), it was not modernized(high ceilings, ect.), and because it was in good shape. The condemned wheels on this car were repaired by adding tires rather than profiling new wheels.

Current Status: Operational, not quite watertight, sees frequent service

Builder Year built weight seats length Width Height

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