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Car 415

Diner Car 415

Car 415 was one of several dining cars constructed for the North Shore when they were running trains with food service on them. The dining cars were not motorized, the heat and lights were fed via jumpers from an adjoining car, and they were equipped with control positions in case they needed to run the train from this car. By the end of service, the electroliners with their tavern lounge section were the only trains with food service on board. Most of the former diners were sitting idly at Highwood, except for the 415. The 415 was converted into a silverliner, and ran with two other silverliners as a substitute for the electroliner when ever one of the two liners was in the shop. It continued to run this way until abandonment in 1963. The 415 changed hands several times, eventually ending up at Seashore Trolley Museum in Maine.

Current Status: Not-Operational, Out of Service

Builder Year built weight seats length Width Height
Pullman1928 55'3"9'0"12'7"

Pictures Courtesy of Jeremy Whiteman, Seashore

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