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Car 420

Standard Car 420

Car 420 was originally built as an observation car with a rear platform. The interior had individual rotating armchairs, and seperate coach and smoking sections. It was operated as a trailer, with controls on one end. In 1932 this service was discontinued, and the car was stored at Highwood. In 1943, with the wartime demands, the railroad converted the car into a coach, adding all walkover seats, and removing the smoker and bathroom. The platform was walled in, and controls added. The car was motorized with two motors as well. After abandonment, the car was moved to the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Current Status: Operational

Builder Year built weight seats length Width Height
Pullman1928 5855'3"9'0"12'7"

Pictures Courtesy of Jeremy Whiteman, Seashore

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