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Car 749

Car 749

Car 749 is a standard coach. It is the only surviving coach built by Pullman for the North Shore. It was modernized for Skokie Valley service with lower ceilings, fish-eye lights, and new seats. This car was never painted as a silverliner, but finished service in the economy green scheme. This car was choosen for preservation at abandonment because it had recently undergone major maintanence in the Highwood shops and because of its significance as a pullman built car. The car is operational at this time, but seating is limited because it is undergoing a complete cosmetic restoration.

Current Status: Operational, under restoration with estimated completion less than one year

Builder Year built weight seats length Width Height

Pictures appear in somewhat chronological order

Above: Ray Bellock preps and paints seat mountings on the floor of the car.

The above picture shows one of the electrical problems that was found under the car. The wires coming out of the box are replacements for the wires leading from the electrical cabinet to the controller on the #1 end of the car. The junction box was mounted with the cover facing an I-Beam, requiring the box and conduit be removed from the car. Today, new wiring is being pulled and the controller has been rebuilt. The two pipes with tape on them are air pipes to the brake stand. The floor, which was rusting through on this end, is being re-built at the same time. The picture below is inside the car, directly above the other picture.

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