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Lake Bluff, crossunder to Mundelein

Lake Bluff, crossunder to Mundelein

At this location, in Lake Bluff on the East Line, a set of tracks dropped down parallel to 176, and passed under bridges for the mainline and branch tracks of the C&NW.

The current path splits into the Mundelein branch. The path follows the route of the former tracks, and a new footbridge is resting on the original footings over 176.

Going under the CNW, note the curvature of the bridge abutment for the curve of the North Shore tracks.

Looking at the underside of the bridge, these appear to be part of some wire sleds. They are only on one bridge, and only above the tracks. Wire sleds were used to keep the overhead wire from bouncing and striking bridges above, thus creating a short or electrifying the bridge.

Remnants of ties poke out from under the edge of the blacktop, the last solid clue tracks were here.

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