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Deerpath station and bridge

Deerpath station and bridge pics

These are pictures of the bridge over Deerpath in Lake Forest. The bridge and steps remain, although the stations and platforms are long gone.

Looking west down Deerpath to the two bridges. The North Shore Bridge has a concrete arch, while the CNW is actually a steel plate surrounded with concrete to match the North Shore.

Facing north, the west platform.

Facing north, the east platform

Looking up, the west platform steps.

Looking up, the east platform steps

Steps to the station masters residence.

Looking down the east steps through the fence

Location of former residence. Note the mowing here, ComEd has been mowing a wide swath underneath their lines.

A shot of the matching CNW bridge, gives an idea of how it looks with track on it.

A footing for a light at the top of the steps. Wires still remain, but the fixture is long gone.

A detail shot of the railings on the steps to the station masters house. It appears to have been painted silverish

Looking towards the same steps from within the foundation of the residence. Note the height difference and part of railing on right.

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