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Electroliner Photos

Electroliner Photos

The electroliners were the last attempt to modernize the North Shore fleet. As opposed to the silverliner solution on standard cars, these were a genuine advancement in interurban technology. The streamlined, articulated trainsets were state of the art and had features not on standard cars such as air conditioning and a tavern lounge with a kitchen. The tavern lounge on these trains led to the famous "Electroburger," a hamburger you could have while on the train. These cars were capable of speeds up to 110 mph, the only drawback being they could not train with other cars. They could only operate as sets. The trains were sold to Red Arrow, a commuter system near Philadelphia at abandonment. That line operated the cars, but found quirks such as the fact that they drew too much current on their line. This electroliner is numbered 801-802, and is one of two electroliner sets the railroad owned. It has been fully restored to the original paint scheme, but is not operational. Several traction motors must be replaced before it is operational, and this is very expensive to do. However, given the prominence of this train, it is likely that it will once again streak down the mainline, although not at its former speeds.

Current Status: not operational, under restoration.

Builder Year built weight seats length Width Height
St.Louis Car1941214,000146155'4" total9'2" 12'7"
Note: The length is total overall. This train is divided into 4 sections, permanently coupled, but free to swing, thus articulated.

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