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Sacred Heart(Westleigh)

Sacred Heart(Westleigh)

This bridge over Westleigh Road is one of the most unique traces of the North Shore Line still around. The concrete bridge has the words Chicago, North Shore Line, and Milwaukee spelled out in concrete letters. This bridge was also the site of the Sacred Heart station, named for the Sacred Heart Academy on the site of Barat College. This bridge was designed by the famous architect Arthur Gerber, who also designed various stations including Dempster (Niles Center).

Steps to street level on east side of bridge

Shot looking south across the bridge deck

The west steps to street level

Two shots facing West, looking at the East side of the bridge.

Looking up the East Steps, which are still in use.

The West steps, which are blocked off by two bars. They are fairly easy to climb over

The footing for the light at the top of the West stairs.

A general shot of the West side of the bridge

Detail of the underside of the bridge

The west side of the bridge, viewed from the ground

The current deck of the CNW bridge, a near mirror image of the NSL one.

A look at the East side of the CNW bridge.

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