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Sign Photos

Sign Photos

These are signs from around the North Shore, displayed in car barns at Union. The signs are for stations, directing motorman, and warning passengers as with the "Stay Alive!" sign seen in the bottom photo.

In Spaulding Tower out at the Illinois Railway Museum are the route boards from South Upton Tower on the North Shore Line. South Upton Tower was a major interlocking on the North Shore, located at the junction of the Mundelein branch, the North end of the Skokie Valley Route, and the crossing of the Mundelein Branch with the CNW New Line at Lake Bluff. The tower was located along Route 176, just east of the CNW. The route boards show the track arrangements, signal and switch arrangements, and which 'levers' to throw to route trains through the plant.

This is a wooden sign that may have come from the Great Lakes area.

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