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Text Box:      Euclid Township can be proud of its religious impact upon the greater Cleveland area.  In 1807, the first church in what is today Cuyahoga County, was established in what was then Euclid Township.  Several Euclid Township families were instrumental in establishing the first church within Cleveland's boundaries, Trinity Episcopal Church, in 1816.   In 1820, the Baptists organized in what became Euclid Village.  In 1821, the Methodists organized in the same area.  In 1867, this  Methodist Episcopal Church decided  to move to the north side of St. Clair Rd., near the depot.  

    Other churches formed in the Nottingham Community.  For a brief time, the Nottingham Presbyterian Church was located on Dille Rd. just north of Gardner Rd.  Also, the Catholic presence was felt on the lake shore, as the Ursuline Community established both Villa Angela and St. Joseph Seminary (see Schools).

    Closer to 1900, all of  Nottingham was growing and soon a German Baptist Church, a Congregational Church, and another Presbyterian Church were formed.  We are in the process of collecting information on all of these churches.  We now highlight the proud history of the Nottingham United Methodist Church.

Nottingham United Methodist Church

1867, North side of St.Clair




The Nottingham United Methodist Church has served this community since 1821.  It was originally incorporated as the Euclid Methodist Episcopal Church.  In 1867, it relocated to Nottingham.  In 1892, a beautiful new sanctuary was dedicated.  As the Village of Nottingham prospered, our church grew.  A major renovation in 1921 helped ease the growing pains.  In 1959, in the midst of the Baby Boom, more room was needed and our education wing was added.  





1892, South side of St. Clair





                  1921                                                        1959






   In 1992, NUMC celebrated its 100 anniversary of serving this community from this beautiful sanctuary on the corner of Melville and St. Clair.  With the exception of electricity and central heating, little has changed in our worship setting.  Our stained glass windows, our wood pews, our wood carved ceiling, and our altar rail pay tribute to the craftsmanship of  the late 1800's.


 Today, NUMC stands tall and proud.  Our members are committed to serving Christ and to serving this community.  Our Nottingham Child Care Center, provides needed daycare facilities.  We house the Alpha/Omega Home School and  one of two  Collinwood Church Council  Food Pantry Sites.  A Brownie Troop meets regularly here.    NUMC works closely with leaders from Nottingham Youth Center to serve the neighborhood youth.  Its members provide tutoring at Hanna Gibbons Elementary School.  Also, NUMC, in partnership with other churches in the Collinwood Church Council, works to deal with issues of poverty, crime, hunger, and racism.

        You are invited to worship and serve with us.  Sunday worship begins at 10:00am.  History buffs will want to examine the maps and historical information that is on display in our Narthex.  Call 216-481-4827 for information and to set up a tour.

        See you in church!