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NorthWest RailPics Freight Car Archieves KCS 752410
KCS 752410

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Series 750000-752991
Former Number Unk Former Series Unk
Built 9/77 Rebuilt N/A
Car Manufacturer Berwick Forge & Fabricating Location Berwick, PA
Lot Number Unk Plate C
AAR Class XP RR Class N/A
IL 50-6 IW 9-6
IH 10-6 Door Style 6-Panel
Door W 10-0 Door H 9-11
Cuft 5037 Ld Limit 158,000
Truck Unk Wheel Diameter 33"
Hand Brake Unk Date Painted Unk
Photo Location Bellingham, WA (BN) Photo Date 9/7/94
Photographer Darrell Sawyer Remarks

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