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[Price 1885] The 1885 Price 0-4-0 was the first steam locomotive that the Price brothers made. It was made for the Waiorongomai Gold Co. at Te Aroha. This railway was of three-foot gauge. In 1886, the lokey went to work in the bush at different locations until 1908 when it was taken over by the Public Works Department and used for railway construction in the South Island. The loco was scrapped in 1917.
(H. Winkelmann)

[Price 16W] Price 16-wheeler derelict at Ellis & Burnand Ltd. Ongarue, after being taken out of service in 1951.
(Peter Mellor)

[Price 16W] In the best tradition of locomotive builders the world over, Price's recorded this photograph of a newly completed 16-Wheeler outside their works at Thames. It could possibly be one of the Ellis & Burnand locos that went to Ongarue in 1912. Two engines were ordered and they received the names "Matilda" and "Martha".
(Percy Godber)

[Price 16W] This lokey was the fourth 16-Wheeler built by Price in 1913 and went to work at Mountain Rimu Timber Co. at Mamaku where this photo was taken. The locomotive was taken over by NZR when the mill and its tramway were bought by the State. Later it served in the National Park area. These locos could negotiate a 90-foot radius curve.
(Percy Godber)

[Price 16W] Another 'builders' photo of a new locomotive. This photo was taken either at Thames or a little bit further down the track at Paeroa.
(W.W. Stewart col.)

[Price 16W] A 1913 scene of a Price 16-Wheeler working in its element deep in the bush. Heading back to the mill with six disconnected log-buggies and crossing a well designed and constructed trestle. Bound for the Mountain Rimu Timber Co. mill at Mamaku.
(W.W. Stewart col.)