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Johnston Images and drawings

Images of More & Sons Locomotives

More & Sons three Johnston 'A' 0-4-0 locomotives were numbered as follows -

More #1 was Johnston's #2 built in 1902 and served with More& Sons from 1902 until 1954. For many years this locomotive was on display at Pourakino Picnic Area, but now has been restored and is on display at Riverton.

More #2 was Johnston's #4 built in 1907 serving with More's from new until 1950. It was idle for a short while then in 1954 was converted into a diesel powere loco and worked until 1962.

More #3 was Johnston's #24 built in 1927 serving with NZ Pine Co. until 1936. More & Sons took it over in 1938 and worked it until 1958 at Pourakino.

Two of More's Johnston 'A' locos pictured at Wybrow's Hill Cutting. #1 on the left with #2 to the right.

An unidentified More & Sons Johnston 'A' in the middle of a load of sawn timber passing over a fine trestle on More's tramway.

Possibly More #3

Loco #3 again

More & Sons Loco Shed at the Big Mill in Pourakino with locomotives #3 on the left, #2 middle, and #1 right.
Nos. 1 and 3 were later fitted with steam brakes on the engine as well as bigger tenders with a tender brake like No.2.

Comin up the hill into More's timber yard at Longwood, the railhead with NZR.
The trestle was eventually filled in to form an embankment.

One of More's Johnston 'A's at Longwood with the daily sawn-timber train. The round roof wagon is for general supplies, the other wagon is for live cattle which supplimented the diet of the times. A 1928 scene.

Taken in 1505, No.1 pauses at Moa Flat to unload timber onto punts for transport to Riverton.

More's yard at Moa Creek.
Note the tender brake lever. This loco was fitted with a hand operated screw brake on the engine.

Loco #2

Loco #2 after conversion to diesel power.

All images courtesy of Jim More.

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