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All buildings are scratch built, based on examples of New Zealand railway buildings. 

Wedderburn. Class 5 Vogel station of 1880's. Built from 3mm MDF, covered with wood veneer. built 2000. Rotherham. Class A Troup station of 1910. built to similar method as Wedderburn.  1st prize in Stations section, NZ Model Railway Convention 2000. 
Signal box 'type E', built from plan. Perspex shell covered in individual styrene strips for weather boards. built 2002. Aickens.  Unattended flag station known as a 'dog box'.
built from a photo. 2000

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My first scratch built G scale item.  NZR Price TR174 shunt engine in original colours. (it's a darker red than shows in the photo). Built from Aristocraft motor block, with side rods added.  Body made from 3mm MDF.  Engine compartment top lifts off so batteries can be fitted later. built 2001.
My second scratch built loco.  NZR C class 0-4-2 engine from the 1880's.  The driving wheels and motor are from a Bachmann 0-4-0 Porter.  The chassis had to be lengthened and the wheels moved further apart.  My Father turned the funnel and dome from wood. The cowcatcher is metal. The rest of the loco is built from styrene plastic. The boiler and saddle tank are made from plastic drain pipe. Finished Feb 2008. 
Railcar. purchased 2nd hand. Runs great! 
Bachmann 2-4-2 purchased 2nd hand.  Loco has been well weathered by previous owner, so has escaped being cut up to build a NZR Rogers K.
A motorised jigger.  12v motor powering a North Yard HO gear box. Wheels hand made brass.  Body made from plastic styrene.  Driver and toolbag made from Dukit. made 2002.  

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All wagons are scratch built from plastic styrene sheet.  The wheels are the only thing that I don't make. Most of these wagons still need finishing details like decals, which I will get around to one day. The chopper couplers are white metal, cast from a master I built.

M class low side wagon. built 2002 Workman's hut loaded on M class wagon chassis.  built 2002.
D class 4 wheel carriage. built 2003. free lance wheel van to match the D carriage. built 2003.
Fell center rail brake van.  Including inside details, brake wheels and man (also made by me) built 2003. H class cattle wagon (with cattle inside).  made form strip wood. built 2001.
Ub class flat wagon (this one loaded with workman's hut, motor jigger and other junk).
built 2003.
Kp class steel wagon.  one of my earliest wagons, slightly out of scale. built 2001.
30ft Steel 'F' class guards van.  Made from 3mm MDF. rear flashing lights work. One of the first batch of wagons built, incorrect scale and never finished, so usually hidden away.

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